Exclusive Interview: Lily Lane

Lily Lane might be known for her amazing ink work, but fans and critics will tell that you she’s even more known for her smoking hot scenes.

Lane got her start in adult working for Burning Angel, and has since appeared on multiple DVD covers and continues to be cast in many of their films. You can see her in scenes for several prominent adult studios and always shooting exclusive content along with custom scenes for her legions of fans.

Rock Confidential caught up with Lily to talk about her adult career, music and what’s coming up next.

It’s great to catch up with you Lily! How are things going?

Hey! Thanks are going great! Busy but great!

What were you like in high school – were you shy, outgoing?

OMG, I was like the weird kinda like slutty goth girl I guess you could say! I wasn’t very shy, I kind of stood out and was loud

When did you first become comfortable with your sexuality?

Hmmm… I’ve been super sexual since I was 14.

What part of your personality gets you into trouble the most?

I’m not good at keeping my mouth shut . If something’s bothered me I’ve always spoken up about it. So I guess you could say I speak my mind and sometimes people don’t like that.

Do you remember the first time you saw porn or any adult material? What was your initial reaction?

Yes! It totally just made me all gooey in the right place! It was hot and I wanted to do that!

Did you have any misconceptions about the porn industry before you started?

Honestly I didn’t know too much before I started. I guess I never really gave it any in depth thought as to what really went on.

Looking back, how do you remember your very first year in Adult?

It was very short! I decided I wanted to get into porn and I shot four scenes and then I stopped. I was in a shitty relationship and was made to choose. Worst decision ever.

Did you have anyone give you advice when you first started? Do you think the adult industry needs more mentors for new talent?

I had no idea! No advice. No mentors. I kind of went into it blindly. Luckily I didn’t experience anything negative though. I mean, I don’t necessarily think there needs to be like a Porno 101, it’s just common sense. If you don’t know something ask questions. If something doesn’t seem right, go with your gut. You can say NO!

If you were to write your ultimate fantasy as a sex scene, how would it go?

Honestly I haven’t really thought about this. BUT it would definitely include multiple dicks. A gangbang for sure. Probably in some type of bondage. I’ll need to think about this more though.

What about your career is most appealing?

I love the fact that I can make my own schedule. I get paid to have sex. It’s really neat.

What’s been the biggest challenge as you’ve grown your career in Adult?

I think my biggest challenge has been traveling. I love being able to work specially in different places, but being a mom makes that difficult. I hate being away from my little human for more than a day!

How do you envision your future in Adult? What else would you like to do?

I’m just going along for the ride. We’ll see what happens. I want to be able to shoot as much as possible and have a bunch of great crazy different types of sexual experiences.

What are your thoughts on tube sites?

They’re there and there’s nothing we can do about it.

What kind of music do you listen to? Who are some of your favorite bands?

I get in weird moods! I listen to everything from Ministry to Lana Del Rey to The Black Dahlia Murder to like Interpol. Some I’m kind of everywhere.

What was your first concert? Who have you seen most recently?

My first concert was the Spice Girls when I was 10! The most recent show we’ve been to was I believe … uhhhhh, The Black Dahlia Murder? I think so…. I feel like we saw someone after that but I can’t remember.

What was the first album you bought with your own money when you were younger?

I’m pretty sure it was the Spice Girls.

What are some things in your life you are most proud of?

I think I’m a pretty fucking rad mom.

What are you up to next?

Next? As in right now? Probably going to get food as soon as I get off this plane! Well, I’m currently in the process of building content and possibly starting a site in the near future!

How can your fans get in touch with you?

My wonderful fans can find me at OnlyFans.com/lilylanexxx and on twitter at @lilylanexxx

Thank you Lily! What would you like to say to your fans to wrap things up?

Thank you guys! Thanks for paying for your porn and thank you for requesting me to your favorite companies!